Global Security and Intelligence

First Semester Credits Second Semester Credits
Methods and Theory in Global and International Studies 6 Multiculturalism in the Contemporary World 6
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 6 Global Security 6
History of International Relations 6 Conflict Assessment, Prevention and Management 6
Global Migration 6 International Organizations and Trade 6
Negotiation: Theory and Practice 6 Contemporary Intelligence 6
Third Semester Credits Fourth Semester Credits
Internships, Professional Experience, and Job Searches 3 MA Thesis Preparation 24
Challenges and Institutions in Global Security 6 Global and International Studies Research Colloquium 3
Terrorism in the 21st Century 9 Tutorial (Meetings with Advisors) 6
World Public Opinion 6 Internship or Fieldwork (optional)
International Project Management 3


Understanding & Managing Global Security & Intelligence: Today, global security and intelligence work is undeniably at the centre and forefront of the conduct of international relations across the world. The study and attendant greater understanding to knowledge of global security and intelligence, as well as their closely associated concerns and considerations, therefore emerges as no less important.

This international Masters Programme, overall titled: ‘Understanding & Managing Global Security & Intelligence’, advances precisely what its title describes in a topical and timely manner.

Beginning with: (i) introducing the more ‘theoretical’ and key ‘conceptual’ aspects of global security and intelligence for advancing greater conditions of understanding and knowledge; to then (ii) extending to examining more practical elements with more of a pragmatic management and toolbox focus, this Masters programme covers all the main, headline-generating dimensions of global security and intelligence work in at least a foundational and introductory manner.

Themes covered relate to relevant global security and intelligence institutions and the contemporary challenges that are both encountered and experienced during an overall era of globalised strategic risk, as well as the Masters equipping students with ideas towards the addressing of those situations and facilitating the way forward for improved engagement efforts.

Ranging from the general to the more specific and specialist, this Masters in Global Security and Intelligence accomplishes its objectives by providing a broad range of detailed case study insights into, for example, counter-terrorism after 11 September 2001 (9/11) and into Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) non-/counter-proliferation in Iraq and other countries, extending to providing several lesson-worthy insights into the professional conduct of intelligence analysis and assessment work in the contemporary context of the 21st Century.

With an operational- up and across to strategic focus, this Masters has been purposefully and originally designed with the intent of striking an effective ‘scholar-practitioner’ balance. It has also been designed with a view to helping enable or further advance the pursuit of future careers in any private and/or public sector areas, ranging from foreign/international affairs, diplomacy, military, intelligence, policing/law-enforcement, justice, academia and the civil service to their closely associated professions beyond. This last aim especially includes any careers where ‘analyst’ and ‘assessor’ to strategic and crisis management job functions and skillsets are required, such as in think-tanks to government departments.

As part of the established portfolio of offerings advanced by the Global and International Studies Masters Programmes at the University of Salamanca, this Masters closely complements and constructively builds on, to further enhances those offerings via the added value of particularly drawing on the fields of Strategic and Intelligence Studies.

‘Understanding & Managing Global Security & Intelligence’, similarly includes meeting the standards of masters courses offered by other universities in Spain and elsewhere, paving the way for much international mobility and generating several opportunities and possibilities going forward into the future.