Global and International Studies Program

We provide the deep knowledge, practical tools, and direct opportunities for scholars, foreign affairs practitioners, and analysts to make significant impacts in their chosen fields

Courses taught in English

In the next years more than half of new jobs in the U.S. economy will be linked to the global economy. In the EU, emerging jobs are increasingly connected to global markets, international affairs, and security. In developing regions, a majority of new jobs will be linked to foreign investment, contracting, global commerce, international negotiation, multinational corporations, global markets, security, and NGOs

These 2-year Master Programs provide the necessary knowledge base, skills, and abilities to successfully compete in these new job markets.  After very intense three-semester training, in the fourth you will write your MA thesis under the guidance of academics, practitioners, and internship supervisors. An emphasis on interdisciplinary training and research opportunities will distinguish you from other graduate students in other MA programs.  Contact with experience practitioners will open new doors and opportunities seldom offered in traditional academic settings. We offer a unique breadth of knowledge across disciplines to include history, politics, hard science, information technology, economics, security, intelligence, and cultural studies. You will learn about the constantly changing identities and agendas of key institutional actors in the global systems (UN, World Bank, IDB, IMF, Asian Fund, OAS) as well as the emerging new patterns of conflict, collaboration, and technological developments affecting individuals, states, and non-governmental organizations.

Participate in a stimulating program with world-class faculty, cutting-edge coursework, global internships, and applied research.  The program, which is taught completely in English, will help you gain real-world skills and professional contacts that are key to your professional success. Program rates and residential costs are among the most affordable for major European universities. Typical program length to completion is 18-24 months with options to design your own professional internship and other applied-learning and research opportunities!

Opportunities for Opcional Spanish courses may be offered to those who want to use their time in Spain to improve or learn the local language. At times, options to teach English as a second language may be available.

Design your MA degree within the following core concentrations: