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Global and International Studies, University of Salamanca Graduate School

Contemporary global dynamics create new job markets, roles, and opportunities for those who have the skills needed to redirect their approaches to global change.

In the very near future more than half of new jobs in the US economy will be connected to the global economy. In the EU emerging jobs are increasingly attached to global markets, international affairs, and security. In developing regions, a majority of new jobs will be linked to foreign investment, global commerce, international negotiation, multinational corporations, global markets, security, and NGOs.

Our MAs provide the necessary knowledge base, skills, and abilities to successfully compete in these new job markets. Our Global and International Studies MA programs are taught fully in English by an international team of scholars and practitioners. We utilize the latest trends in flexible graduate programming to include student individualized courses of study to best fit their schedules and professional commitments. Online and distance course options can complement a maximum 2-semester residency requirement in Salamanca.

Our Think Tank offers research openings and hands-on professional development as well as access to networks of experts in your chosen field of specialization. In addition, through our Global Internship Program, our students can engage in a wide range of internships and job opportunities in Madrid, Brussels, and/or Washington D.C.

Views of experts on our Global and International Studies Program

U.S Ambassador
Mark Asquino
(Retired Ambassador)

Peter Kuznick
(American University)

Farzeen Nasri
(Ventura College, California)

Fernando López-Alves
(University of California)

Interview with
Melody Johnson
Graduate Program Advisor and Registrar


Global Business and Negotiation

The Masters in Global and International Studies with a concentration in Business and Negotiation will provide students with a unique opportunity to combine a business education and training in international negotiation with political and economic coursework, research, and cross-cultural proficiencies.


Nationalism and Conflict Management

The transformation of warfare and organized violence, combined with highly debated understandings of the roles of ethnicity and nationalism in intra- and international conflicts, require a fresh perspective. This masters focuses on the intersections of conflict, conflict management, and identity politics.


Science, Technology and Global Affairs

The scientific and social science communities recognize that a number of important problems in international relations and the increasing pace of globalization cannot properly be understood without an appreciation of relevant scientific and technological issues.

Why is the MA in Global and International Studies at USAL the right choice for you?


from world-class and internationally recognized faculty with decades of experience in Foreign Service, diplomacy, international business, trade, IGOs, NGOs, and international consultancies.


on your current achievements by gaining life-long relationships with faculty and visiting scholars, practitioners and international institutions, and among your cohort of accomplished MA students.


your future leadership roles now by developing your real-world skills, applying your learning in think tank and other applied work settings, and gaining necessary contacts and networks to accelerate your professional advancement.


your opportunities while completing a rigorous MA program at one of Europe’s most respected and renowned universities.


contemporary global issues with faculty, graduates, and other MA students.