Available Scholarships

The Global and International Studies Program at the University of Salamanca offers the following scholarship options:

  1. Merit Scholarship.
    This is based on the prior accomplishments of the applicant (important jobs held in the field of International and Global Affairs, academic achievements, prior career performance, and internships or voluntary work in related fields). Applications require two letters of recommendation, proof of job related activities, and documentation regarding your GPA.
  2. Economic Need Scholarship.
    The University of Salamanca Global and International Studies Program will consider applicants under economic hardship who cannot afford to pay full tuition. Proof of economic hardship should accompany an application letter explaining your situation.
  3. Academic Partner Scholarship.
    This Scholarship applies to students coming from universities that are partners of the Global and International Studies Program.
  4. USAL Global and International Studies Scholarship.
    Current registered students of the University of Salamanca can apply for a USAL Global and International Studies Program Scholarship
  5. Coming Back to School Scholarship.
    This Fellowship is usually granted to people over 30 years of age that wish to return to school and improve their professional training, in order to be eligible for better job opportunities.      Applications for these scholarships are available only to accepted students. For more information please contact us through our official mail address in our webpage.