Think Tank

More than ever, today think tanks are vital components of academic and applied research. A number of international studies programs have developed associations with established think tanks in different areas of expertise. Our think tank, unlike many in North America and Europe,  was designed to offer advise and counsel to the  academic authorities of the G&ISP, whenever needed.  Its mission is to  facilitate  the development of the academic program, contribute research projects,  and assist in different type of initiatives. Students are welcome to participate and develop research projects whenever those become available.   Think Tank members are not considered possible employers for students seeking jobs in the EU but, rather, they act as a consultancy body to the program in general.  Our distinguished team of professionals offers a blend of European, North American, and Latin American experts with ample experience and proven track records in a wide array of fields.

Advisory Council

National, Regional and international Authorities, Companies, Academics, Business Leaders, International Organizations, Public Sector Agencies


Projects and Transference

Business, Media, Academia, Organizations, Regional and National Government, Private Parties, International Organizations, Governments. The think tank pursues 3 different research lines with specific projects each: 1) Conflict Resolution and Peace Processes in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America; 2) Nationalism and National Identity in Europe and the Americas, and 3) The Future of the European Union and its Relation with the United States.