Where to Eat and Drink in Salamanca
Spanish hours: Breakfast: 8:30-11, Lunch: 13:30-15:00, Dinner: 20:30-22:30

Restaurants and Typical Cuisine (unless otherwise indicated, sites are within 5 minutes walking distance from the center and all prices include VAT)

Las Tapas de Gonzalo
Plaza Mayor 23, Phone: (+34) 923 271 353
A very nice restaurant with a great view and wonderful cuisine. Best “torrijas” in town, don’t miss this dessert. Good meat. Castilian cuisine

Vinateca Bordadores 12
Bordadores 12, Phone: (+34) 923018666
Excellent wine selection

Restaurante O’Pazo
Calle Arriba 6, Phone: (+34) 610 820 085
Delicious Galician food. Exquisite fish and seafood. It offers a very large lunch menu for 25 €

El Azogue Viejo
Plaza de la Libertad, Phone: (+34) 923 62 04 00
It offers a lunch menu of 16.50 €

Tapas Bars and Restaurants
In these restaurants you can have a menu or just tapas. With three tapas you have a full lunch.

Erasmus International Café
C/ Meléndez, 7, Phone: (+34) 923 26 57 42
Popular restaurant offering international cuisine, with a biergarten.

La Pepita Burger Bar
Plaza del Ángel 2, Phone: (+34) 923602590
Excellent gourmet hamburgers with specialties even for vegetarians. Try it out!!!

Vida & Comida Xperiences
C/ Ronda de Sancti Spiritus, 3, Phone: (+34) 923 06 22 02
A different food experience where you move across different rooms to have your entrées, main courses and dessert. Set menu (you can choose between some options on the spot). Accommodating to different diets but it is necessary to give prior notice and make a reservation (you can do so directly from their website).

Café Novelty
Plaza Mayor, 2, Phone: (+34) 923 21 49 56
The oldest and only remaining Art Deco café in Salamanca, famous for its literary gatherings of writers such as Miguel de Unamuno, Ortega y Gasset, Carmen Martín Gaite, Juan Benet, Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, also a patron of the café.

For tapas, we also recommend visiting Van Dyck area, a 10 min walk from the city center

Near the Train Station

La Pulpería de Paco
109, Paseo de la Estación, Phone: (+34) 923 25 88 19
Specializes in seafood, exquisite quality.

C/ Serranos 9, Phone: (+34) 923 12 33 42
Mandala has a lunch and dinner menu including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options (some dishes can be made vegan upon request). It has a wide selection of teas and is particularly well-known for its milkshakes.

El Laurel
C/ San Pablo, 49, Phone: (+34) 923 26 06 01
Vegetarian restaurant offering also vegan dishes. It is small, so it is better to make a reservation in advance. It closes on Mondays and Sunday afternoon.

El Rastrel
C/ Grillo, 21, Phone: (+34) 923 60 70 00
Vegan tapas bar frequented by students with a large selection of beers, including craft and local. On Wednesdays there is an open mic.

C/ Caleros, 4 (Plaza de la Reina), Phone: (+34) 923 05 91 69
Recently opened vegetarian café. Cozy, a good spot for cake and coffee. It also offers veggie tapas made with local produce.

Going out for a Drink

O’Hara’s Irish Pub
C/ Zamora, 14, Phone: (+34) 923 21 03 97
Large selection of beers.

Hernández y Fernández
Plaza de la Libertad, 10, Phone: (+34) 923 99 12 28
For cocktails.

Gran Café Moderno
C/ Gran Vía, 75, Phone: (+34) 637 53 81 65
Very well-known café in Salamanca with a good selection of beers and cocktails and a vintage décor.


Casa Lis (Art Deco)

Museo de Salamanca (History, Culture)

Casa Museo Unamuno, University of Salamanca

Las Torres de la Clerecia, (Ecclesiastic Towers) Salamanca

Sala de Exposiciones, Santo Domingo de la Cruz, Calle, Arroyo de Santo Domingo, 18, 37008 Salamanca

Places Nearby

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