Jorge Bernardi

Jorge Bernardi, Academic Consultant, Marketing Strategist & Business Developer.

Jorge holds a degree in Political Science (major) and Public Opinion and Political Analysis (minor), and later he obtained a postgraduate degree as specialist in Market Research and Public Opinion, both at Universidad de Buenos Aires. He also holds postgraduate degree as Specialist in Technology and Innovation Management at GTEC Consorcio Unificado de Buenos Aires.

He is member of the academic coordination for Argentina node of Turku School of Economics and Business at Turku University, Finland.

Professor of Global Strategic Prospective, in Maestría en Inteligencia Estratégica Nacional at Universidad Nacional de La Plata, and former professor of Political Psychology at Facultad de Ciencias Sociales (UBA).

Jorge works as a Special Consultant in Innovation & Technology at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (Think Tank) since 2014.

His scope is related with creativity, innovation, technology, strategy, organizational development, work and societal trends; also is seminar speaker, as well as technological entrepreneur. Previously, Jorge has worked in national market research consulting firms, international financial companies and in National Government.