Jialin Liu

Jialin Liu, Alumni and Academic Advisor

Jialin Liu, holds a MA in Global and International Studies at the University of Salamanca, with an emphasis in Business and Negotiation, as well as an MA in Translation. Currently, she is a Ph.D. student at the University of Salamanca, attending two specializations, “Rule of Law and Global Governance” and “Social Sciences” (including intercultural translation and mediation research). During her research, she has participated in China-Russia Expo, G20, China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, Chinese Bridge Sino & British, Medical Protocol for ISU Events. Etc. In order to promote cross-cultural exchanges and fulfill the mission of making the world more interconnected, she also worked at the Confucius Institute in the US and was a member of the Association of Chinese Students and Researchers at Salamanca. She was in charge of creating a series of videos as an Executive Producer of Beijing Longyao Culture Media Co., Ltd, cooperating with mainstream Media that already has more than 100 million views on social media platforms.