Gonzalo Pita

Gonzalo Pita, B.S. in Civil Engineering and M.S. in Structural Dynamics

Both degrees from Argentina, and a Ph.D. in Hurricane Risk Simulation from the Florida Institute of Technology. He received a Fulbright graduate scholarship. He worked in the development of vulnerability and hurricane hazard modules for the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model. He has been working at the Johns Hopkins University’s Department of Civil Engineering and Systems Institute since 2008 as a visiting student, a Postdoctoral Fellow, and now as Adjunct Associate Scientist. At JHU he also taught courses on Natural risk and hazard modeling. Gonzalo is also a Sr. Natural Risk and Building Vulnerability consultant at the World Bank (WB) since 2013 where has conducted work on vulnerability assessment of shelters in the Caribbean, development of a hurricane hazard model and windstorm vulnerabilities for Central America, supervision of the development of a probabilistic seismic vulnerability tool, and climate change.