Gonzalo Pita

Prof. Gonzalo Pita is a research faculty at the Civil and Systems Engineering Dept. of the Johns Hopkins University

His areas of expertise include: multidisciplinary studies in natural risk assessment, natural risk disaster mitigation policy, modeling of natural hazards (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, downbursts, and fracking), wind engineering, building vulnerability modeling, decision making, and risk management strategies.

He has more than 40 journal and conference publications, and several technical reports. Prof. Pita worked for the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model, where he conducted research and developed vulnerability and risk simulations. He was Senior Consultant at The World Bank in Washington DC for four years, where he led several international projects of country disaster risk profiles, vulnerability studies of storm shelters, long term impact of windstorm activity on poverty, and impacts of climate change and built-environment changes on present and future risk. He is advisor to MS and PhD students on risk modeling and reduction projects. Prof. Pita holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional), M.Sc. (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba), Ph.D. in Natural Risk Assessment and Mitigation (Florida Institute of Technology), and Postdoctoral Fellowships in Risk Simulations (Johns Hopkins University).

He received a number of awards including a Fulbright scholarship.