Gabriela Alácano

Gabriela Alácano, Educational Consultant.

Gabriela has a college degree in Foreign Trade (UADE), an MBA (IDEA) and a postgraduate certificate in Strategic Communication Management (UB) in Buenos Aires.

She has served at different positions both in national and international companies and NGOs. Likewise, she has excelled as a negotiator in international forums such as Mercosur, AOS, FTAA and ITU. She has been an invited lecturer to several conferences in Latinoamérica.

She coordinated IKDEM, (Kennedy Institute for Business Development) and the TRIPLE HELICE (the economics magazine) while being the Director of the Executive and Organizational Coaching Postgraduate Program at Kennedy University.
Besides, she is a free lance business consultant in the following programs: Counseling Business, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship and the SMEs Management.