Francisco Rodriguez-Jimenez

Francisco Rodriguez-Jimenez, University of Salamanca

Francisco Rodríguez-Jimenez obtained his PhD from Salamanca in 2009 with an award for the best dissertation in Contemporary History; and graduated first in his class in Humanities from the University of Extremadura, 1998-2003. Rodríguez Jiménez has won two Fulbright grants for research projects. He was formerly a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard (WCFIA) and George Washington University; and likewise Visiting Scholar at American University, la Universitá di Bergamo, Wake Forest, and Johns Hopkins–Bologna.

He is about to publish a book about the Trump presidency and is also presently directing two books on U.S. Public diplomacy strategies in Latin America. He has previously co-edited and/ or written (among others) the following books: U.S. Public Diplomacy and Democratization in SpainEstrategias de Diplomacia CulturalMujeres Universitarias en España y América Latina¿Antídoto contra el Antiamericanismo?: American Studies en España. He has acted as an international reviewer for the European Research Agency, the Fulbright Commission, and several other universities; and writes op-eds in El Mundo since 2017. Other media appearances include: The Washington Postpodcast español, NTN24, DMAX, Canal Extremadura, The Conversation, etc.