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Guest lecture with the head of strategic finance at Roche

Maik Rutschmann, Head of Strategic Finance at Roche, is joining one of our lectures as a guest speaker. As Head of Strategic Finance at Roche, Mr. Rutschmann plays a major role in making critical decisions at Roche, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. The revenue of Roche exceeds $65 Billion, and its market capitalization is $294 Billion. 

Very seldom one has a chance to meet such senior executives. At large companies like Roche, it could be the case that you work your entire life there and don’t have such a chance. The lecture has a fireside chat format, where the speaker will respond to the questions received in advance from the audience.

The lecture will take place on January 19th at 12pm New York Time/ 18:00 Central European time.

To register please go to the following link.

More information on the programe, here.

Dr Francisco Del Canto Viterale publishes in Global Research in Higher Education journal

After many years of research in the novel area of study that connects Science, Technology and International Studies, and thanks to the leadership of Prof. Fernando Lopez-Alves, PhD, Dr Del Canto Viterale was able to design and develop a new and cutting edge graduate program in “Science, Technology, and Global Affairs” at the University of Salamanca. Now, he has published an article entitled “Building Bridges between Science, Technology, Innovation, and Global Affairs: A New Graduate Program” at Global Research in Higher Education – Scholink Publishing, describing and explaining this rewarding experience. If you are interested in the process, please take a look at the following link: