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Dr Adam Svendsen publishes a report on Diversity in Contemporary Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Strategies.

Dr Adam Svendsen, lecturer in our program, has published a new report. It focuses on navigating the diversity in contemporary intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) strategies.

The executive summary reads: With an international focus, this brief examines contemporary Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) trends. The brief concludes that substantially greater diversity in ISR is reflected overall, thanks in part to the increasing adoption of emerging technologies, such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI), which impact several changes influentially. Many rewards figure, notably “information advantage”. Less desirably, multiple pressing challenges and persistent uncertainties remain in the form of attendant risks, hazards, and other vulnerabilities. Continuing to be represented in a prominent manner, they are worthy of their constant, close, and careful evaluation into the future in overall ISR enterprises. Those efforts extend towards advancing further sustainable command-and-control-related management and addressing via “safeguards” and similarly-guiding “tools” to “frameworks” during navigation. Intelligence Engineering increases. Both regionally to globally, many corresponding implications for operations to strategies prevail, as well as for war to peace more broadly, as significant disruptors continue nearby.

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Maria Isabel Garcia Garcia’s doctoral thesis is awarded the Clara Campoamor prize

Maria Isabel Garcia Garcia, who will lecture in our Global Security Program, has been awarded the Clara Campoamor prize, awarded by the Centro de Estudios Politicos y Constitucionales. The prestigious award is granted to doctoral thesis within the Social and Judicial Sciences and Humanities that work on equality issues.

We congratulate Dr Garcia Garcia for this token of her excellent work.

Dr Javier Sierra has been awarded one of the five BBVA’s financial education grants

Dr Javier Sierra has been awarded one of the five BBVA’s financial education grants. These grants are awarded to projects seeking to resolve challenges from the pandemic. His project focuses on the design and implementation of an experiment in different schools in Castile and Leon. Its goal is to measure the effectiveness of a simulation based on active learning as a strategy to teach financial education.

This initiative will study the effects that practical experience and applying theories to real cases could have on students’ learning for topics related to financial education. The results of the research project will serve to learn more about young people’s educational weaknesses in this subject, possible problems related to their learning, and the potential of simulations as an instrument to reinforce teaching in this field.

We congratulate Dr Sierra for his excellent initiative.