Robert J. Guttman has published the article “R.I.P.: GOP”.

Robert J. Guttman, faculty member, has published the article “R.I.P.: GOP” in TransAtlantic Magazine.

Rest In Peace, Republican Party as it used to be known. The party of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Dwight Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln is now becoming the party of the bizarre Steve Bannon and our reprehensible, reckless and revengeful current President, Donald Trump. Add in for good measure seriously outside the mainstream senate candidate Roy Moore running in Alabama. What has happened to this Grand Old Party?“.

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Editor’s letter

Diagnoses and cures

It is a commonplace for public opinion that there are already too many diagnoses for the ills of the world, but no effective cures. If so, one may wonder: What is the need for yet another diagnosis tool? Why a think tank that reflects on the international and global issues?

This is a reasonable question and yet the university, in its role entrusted by society, is in a particular position in this regard since, by its very nature, its diagnoses automatically become cures.

Why is that? Because our task is to train the people who will take the global lead in tomorrow’s world, or who will advise those in power. Each and every one leaving the doors of the university is a tool for change; each and every person who applies the knowledge acquired during their education period is rearranging the world.

A professional trained to take action is potentially more efficient than a code full of decrees. We need people whose decision-making process is based on deep knowledge rather than relying on superficial information.

We need people whose advice is based on rigorous analysis. We are training agents of change in the world.

Such is the purpose of the Global and International Studies Program at the University of Salamanca. A raison d’être, a reason for acting, a reason for living.

A cure for the ills of the world.

Carlos Fortea
General Coordinator and Administrator
Global and International Studies Program
University of Salamanca