Listen to our Director Fernando López-Alves on the Greening Urban Futures Podcast.

Our Director Fernando Lopez-Alves was interviewed by the Greening Urban Futures Forum. He spoke with them about his latest book: Populist Nationalism in Europe and the Americas and discussed polarisation phenomena in cities. Through the lens of the emerging nationalist and populist movements, Fernando explained how urbanisation and sprawl are directly affecting the future of cities, globalisation, and politics in America and presented his views on the challenges he sees emerging between increasingly polarised urban-rural societies.

Listen to Professor Fernando López-Alves HERE.

Conference by Pablo Pardo about “Media Power in post-truth America”, next 14 december at the Faculty of Law.

The Global and International Masters Program organizes a new conference about “Media Power in post-truth America”. The speaker, Pablo Pardo, is the US Bureau Chief of El Mundo.

Media and Power in post-truth America by Pablo Pardo, US Bureau Chief of El Mundo.

Journalism is crumbling under the “free for all” instituted by the internet. Politicians and companies can communicate directly to their audiences without intermediaries. What was initially seen as a tool for democracy and transparency has turned out to be a golden era of propaganda as shown by the United States under Donald Trump. Can democracy survive without media?

Date: Friday 14 December 2018.

Venue: Room 009, Faculty of Law.