Sergio D. Jalil

Sergio D. Jalil – Executive Director CELIBAL – Latin American Center for Lebanese Studies

He is the founder and Director of CELIBAL – Centro de Estudios Libaneses para America Latina.

Holds B.A. degrees in Political Science and International Relations from the Catholic University of Cordoba, and a M.A. degree in Arab Studies from the Center of Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University. He is a member of the Argentine National Academy of the Arts and Sciences of Communications and actively linked to several study and academic groups focusing on the Middle East. He has alternated his academic career with a vast experience in the business and financial world. From 1990 until 2005 He worked for Bank Audi (Interaudi Bank) in New York where he was Senior Vice President for International Business Development. After 2005 He started and presently manage and direct private companies in the fields of financial and business consulting, real estate development and hospitality management as well as in the retail sales of natural gas for vehicles in Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

His academic interests and research concentrate on the studies of minorities, nationalism, conflict resolution and geopolitics focusing the Middle East and has vast experience in subjects related to Lebanon and its Diaspora. He has an extensive experience lecturing in seminars, symposiums, conferences and teaching in different universities in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil and the US.