WEBINAR/OPEN LECTURE: ‘Global impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic’ Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 / 17:30 CET / Salamanca.


Specialization in Science, Technology, and Innovation



‘Global impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic’

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 / 17:30 CET / Salamanca

Join Zoom Meeting: https://fresno.zoom.us/j/97277830158

The international impact caused by COVID-19 is unprecedented, due to the high number of deaths and the number of people infected worldwide, as well as the negative effect that this pandemic has generated at a geoeconomic and geopolitical level. In this open lecture, we will hear analysis about the evolution and the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, from two top experts: Dr.Daniel Lopez-Acuña and Prof. Dr.Stuart Blume. Their analysis will be based on WHO’s current and previous experience in managing pandemics and international health emergencies and on the development of vaccines to prevent and overcome global health problems.

17:30-17:45 CET

Ø  Presentation

Ø  Moderators: María Ángeles Erazo Pesántez (Professor of the course on Environment, Energy and Health, USAL), and Francisco Del Canto Viterale (Head of the “Science, Tech & Innovation specialization”, USAL).

17:45 -18:00 CET

Ø  Interview with Dr. Daniel Lopez Acuña (Former Director of WHO’s Health Action in Crises Recovery and Transition Programmes) regarding the international management of this pandemic, based on his experience working at WHO and at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

18:00 -19:00 CET

Ø  Lecture by Prof. Dr. Stuart Blume (Emeritus professor of Science and Technology Studies at the University of Amsterdam) on vaccines as means and ends in global health. Analysis of the historical background related to the development and introduction of new vaccines, to prevent the spread of epidemics or to overcome health emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Short biography of Daniel Lopez- Acuña: Medical Doctor specialized in public health and epidemiology, Consultant of the World Health Organization (WHO) European Regional Office and Adjunct Professor of the Andalusian School of Public Health. He has coordinated European funded projects on Refugees Health in Europe and on Health Equity. He worked for 30 years at the WHO, where he has been Director for Health Systems for the Region of the Americas, and Global Director for Health Action in Crisis. He has been Advisor to the WHO Director-General for the WHO Reform and is the author of several books in the field of International Health and multiple scientific articles.

Short biography of Dr. Blume: Emeritus Professor at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He was born in England and was educated at the University of Oxford. He worked in the Cabinet Office (in London) and as Research Secretary of the (government) Committee on Social Inequalities in Health (the ‘Black Committee’). He has been a visiting professor at universities from several countries in Europe and Latin America. One of his principal research interests has been the development and introduction of new health care technologies. His current research focuses on the history and dynamics of the global vaccine system.


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