Meet Ana Isabel Pérez Cepeda, the new member of our Think Tank.

Ana Isabel Pérez Cepeda, Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Salamanca.

She earned her PhD in Criminal Law at this university in 1997 with a thesis on the criminal liability of company managers. She was Professor of Criminal Law at the University of La Rioja (1999-2009) and Deputy Magistrate of the Provincial Court of La Rioja (2000-2002). She has been a visiting  researcher at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), at the Institute of Criminology and Economic Criminal Law in Freiburg (Germany), at the University of Bologna (Italy) and University of Birkbeck (UK). She has also given lectures and courses in various universities in Europe, Latin America and Spain.

She is a member of the Criminal Policy Studies Group, the International Association of Criminal Law and the GIR (Recognized Research Group) of the University of Salamanca “Corruption, economic crime and organized crime”. She has published several books and articles, with a focus on economic criminal law, the criminal responsibility of lawyers and prosecutors, criminal law and immigration, human trafficking, terrorism, criminal policy in post-modern society,  and European and international criminal law. She was part of the project funded by the Ministry of Education and Science: Counter-Terrorism Legislation. Rule of law.  She has recently published: El pacto antijihadista: la criminalización de la radicalización (“The anti-jihadist pact: the criminalization of radicalization”), Tirant lo blanc, 2017 and in co-authorship with Olásolo Alonso, the book: Terrorismo internacional y conflicto armado (“International Terrorism and Armed Conflict”), Tirant lo blanc, 2008. She is author of many book chapters and articles on terrorism, such as Cuestiones sobre la reinserción en materia de terrorismo (“Issues on reintegration in terrorism matters”), Tecnos, 1995; El paradigma de la seguridad en la globalización: guerra, enemigos y orden penal (“The paradigm of security in globalization: war, enemies and criminal order”) in the volume named Derecho Penal de excepción: Terrorismo e Inmigración (“Criminal Law of exception: Terrorism and Immigration”), Tirant lo Blanch, 2006; Definición de terrorismo como un delito internacional (“Definition of terrorism as an international crime”) in the book named Terrorismo y Estado de Derecho (“Terrorism and the Rule of Law”), Iustel, 2010.

She has also published serveral monographs on similar topics as well as numerous collective books. Currently, she is principal investigator in a research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy: Terrorism Today: a new criminal policy approach

Web:  Her research focuses on European and International Criminal Law, Criminal Policy focusing on Public Security/Crime Prevention, Terrorism, and Rule of Law and Smart Governance.

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