Carlo José Vicente Caro in The Huffington Post: “Forty-Four Years Since The Fall of The Afghan Monarchy”

Carlo José Vicente Caro, contributor to our news and analysis section, examines the most significant events of contemporary political history of Afghanistan in “Forty-Four Years Since The Fall of The Afghan Monarchy”, an article published by The Huffington Post.

President Trump who’s largely ignorant about foreign policy has decided to delegate decision-making in Afghanistan to his Secretary of Defense. General Mattis seems to be embarking on increasing the military footprint and rolling out a new plan that will “correct” the fact that the U.S is not currently “winning”. 

However, Washington is ignoring is that any foreign effort in Afghanistan is futile. Afghanistan cannot be solved by military means, and rather necessitates strong socio-political and cultural measures that cannot be engineered by outsiders.”

Full article HERE.


CARLO JOSE VICENTE CARO has an M.S. in Security Studies from Northeastern University in Boston and an M.A. in Islamic Studies from Columbia University in New York.


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