We proudly welcome Ambassador Eduardo Garrigues to our Think Tank

Eduardo Garrigues, Ambassador of Spain.

Diplomat and writer. Honorary Trustee of the Fundación Consejo España – EE.UU.

Was Counselor at Spain’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations and Advisor to the Security Council, Ambassador of Spain to Namibia and Norway, Director of the Institute of Spain in London, Director General of Casa de América in Madrid and Consul General of Spain in Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.

He has directed and coordinated a number of activities, such as “The Spanish Enlightenment in the Independence of the United States: Benjamin Franklin,” Royal Academy of History, Madrid, 2006; “Legacy,” an exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery and an international seminar on “The Spanish Contribution to the Independence of the United States, 1763-1848” (2007), in collaboration with SEACEX and the Smithsonian Institution; “International Conference on the impact of the Cortes of Cadiz on North America,” at the Congress of Deputies, Madrid, 2009; “La relación de España y los Estados Unidos durante el despertar a la Independencia de América Latina” (Spain-US relations during the awakening of Latin American independence),  at the Museum of History, Santa Fe, 2010;
La Constitución de 1812: la participación de los diputados de América” (The Constitution of 812: participation by deputies from the Americas), at Universidad Interamericana, San Juan de Puerto Rico, 2011.

On the importance of the Spanish legacy in the United States, he has published: “The Spanish Enlightenment in the Independence of the United States:  Benjamin Franklin,” 2007.
Norteamérica a finales del siglo XVIII: España y Estados Unidos” (North America at the end of the XVIIIth Century), 2008.  “The exposition in the province of New Mexico, 1812 by Don Pedro Baptista Pino,” 1995, and “El Abraham de Nuevo México” (The Abraham of New Mexico) 2012.

His published literary works include “El Canto del Urogallo” (The Call of the Capercaillie), Café Gijón Prize for Novel (1961), “Artículo Sexto” (Sixth Article), Pío Baroja Prize for Short Story (1971) and “Lluvias de Hierba” (Grass Rains) (1984).  He has contributed a number of articles and editorials to ABC, El Mundo, Diario 16, Los Ángeles Times, La Opinión, Nuestro Tiempo, Revista de Occidente, and El Nuevo Día.

At present he is collaborating with the Instituto de Historia y Cultura Militar  (Instituto of History and Military Culture) and with Casa de América on an exhibit and international seminar on Bernardo de Gálvez.

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